Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Watch Dogs the most anticipated game of the year has got another new gameplay trailer showing off its hacking mechanics and its awsome.

Using the CTOS network of chicago AIDEN can hack anything digital in the city. Few examples are he can hack bank accounts, tap phone calls, hack computers etc and its looking very promising at the moment. Aiden can also get alerts when a crime happens and players can choose to help or ignore (vigilante Justice).

It seems Ubisoft pulled of another Gem of a new IP after Assassins Creed. Watch Dogs seems to give a lot of options to play every scenario and that's what makes this so special. At E3 Ubisoft Representatives said every player will feel different when playing the game and it seems they are the right track.

Watch Dogs will be released on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and WII U on November 19 and on Next Gen Consoles as a launch title this Fall.

You can check out E3 Gameplay trailer below.

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